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Mass Researchers focuses on the education, documentation, and preservation of our lives for future generations.

Mass Researchers was formed in 2011 after its founder, Seema-Jayne (Bergquist) Kenney completed the Genealogical Research Certificate program at Boston University's Center for Professional Education.
Since then, Seema-Jayne has completed the ProGen on-line study program, joined several Genealogy Societies and Historical Organizations, attended conferences, and watched genealogical webinars.
Seema is also now certified as a Guided AutoBiography Consultant (GAB) and a Legacy Planner.
In 2014, I trimmed my services down to presentations, writing, and legacy rescues, with a focus on the legacy one leaves for their own grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Recent News
Seema-Jayne was awarded the Brainerd T. Peck award for Family History by the Connecticut Society of Genealogists in 2014 for her book, Vena's Roots : An Anderson/Boothby Family History.
Upton, MA
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